Commercial Uses

If you’re considering building a commercial space in the Midwest, pre-engineered metal buildings may be the solution you’re looking for. Not only are there a variety of commercial options, but they are a durable choice for businesses in the region.

Commercial Uses of Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Explore the many commercial uses for pre-engineered metal buildings in the Midwest and why they’re such a popular choice for businesses in the region!

Agricultural Storage and Production Facilities

One of the most popular commercial uses of pre-engineered metal buildings is agricultural storage and production facilities. These buildings offer a cost-effective and durable solution for storing crops, livestock, and equipment. We design them to meet the specific needs of the farming operation, with features such as high ceilings for large equipment and ventilation systems for livestock. Because pre-engineered metal buildings are also resistant to pests and weather conditions, they are a great choice for the harsh climate of the Midwest.

Retail Stores and Shopping Centers

Pre-engineered metal buildings are a great option for retail stores and shopping centers in the Midwest. These buildings offer a customizable and cost-effective solution for retail businesses, with the ability to create unique storefronts and layouts. They can be designed to accommodate a wide range of retail needs, including large windows, high ceilings, and ample storage space. Plus, pre-engineered metal buildings are easy to maintain and can withstand the wear and tear of a busy retail environment.

Office Buildings

Another popular commercial use of pre-engineered metal buildings are office buildings. We’ve designed many of them to have a modern and stylish look, with features such as glass entryways, skylights, and energy-efficient insulation. Plus, the versatility of pre-engineered metal buildings allows for a variety of office layouts, with options for open-concept workspaces, private offices, and meeting rooms.

Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

Manufacturing and industrial facilities in the Midwest benefit greatly from pre-engineered metal buildings. Not only do they offer the durability and flexibility needed for heavy equipment and large machinery, they can also be designed with high ceilings to accommodate overhead crane systems for moving heavy materials. Pre-engineered metal buildings are a cost-effective solution for manufacturing and industrial facilities, with the ability to create custom layouts and designs that meet specific business needs.

Sports Facilities and Arenas

Pre-engineered metal buildings are a popular choice for sports facilities and arenas in the Midwest. It’s simple to design these buildings to accommodate large crowds, with features such as high ceilings and open-concept layouts. We also build them for indoor training facilities with large open spaces for practice and training sessions, as well as offices and meeting rooms. And last but not least, they are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of sports equipment and heavy foot traffic.

Advantages of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings in the Midwest

So, what makes pre-engineered metal buildings such a popular choice for commercial uses in the Midwest?


One of the biggest advantages of pre-engineered metal buildings is their durability and resistance to weather and natural disasters. This is especially important in the Midwest, where severe weather conditions such as tornadoes and heavy snowfall are common. They are designed to withstand these types of conditions, providing businesses with a safe and secure building for their operations.

Quick Construction Time

Another advantage is their quick construction time. Since the components of these buildings are manufactured off-site, the on-site construction time is greatly reduced. This allows businesses to move into their new building faster, reducing downtime and lost revenue. Also, fast construction time makes pre-engineered metal buildings a great option for businesses with tight deadlines.


Pre-engineered metal buildings are also a cost-effective solution for businesses in the Midwest. These buildings are typically less expensive than traditional stick-built construction and require less maintenance over time. Additionally, pre-engineered metal buildings are energy-efficient, which can help reduce energy costs over the life of the building.

In a nutshell…

With high durability, minimum maintenance costs, quick construction, and customizable designs, a pre-engineered metal building may be the perfect solution for your needs.At Single Source Systems, we’ve been constructing pre-engineered metal buildings in and around the Kansas City Metro for years. We understand what extreme weather can do to a building so we build every project with that in mind. So be sure to contact us for your next commercial building project!

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