Our Metal Building Projects Process

At Single Source Systems, our metal building projects are nothing less than smooth and successful. From initial planning to the final touches, our building process involves key steps that gives our clients peace of mind. Read on and we will take you through our process below.

Step 1: Project Consultation and Design Phase

We kick off metal building projects by working with our clients to understand their needs, goals, and budget. It’s a collaborative process where we exchange ideas and provide valuable insights based on our expertise. Then, once we determine the project requirements, we dive into the design phase.

During the design phase, we work closely with architects and engineers to create a detailed plan for each metal building. Together, we consider factors such as the building’s purpose, size, layout, and any specific features or customizations required. Our goal is to develop a design that not only meets our client’s needs but also complies with local building codes and regulations.

Step 2: Permitting and Site Preparation

With the design in hand, we move into the important task of getting permits and approvals from local authorities. We not only take care of all the documentation but also ensure that the project complies with zoning regulations.

Simultaneously, we roll up our sleeves and prepare the site. We clear the land, level the ground, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a solid foundation for the metal building. Site preparation may also involve connecting utilities such as water, electricity, and sewer lines to the site.

Step 3: Material Procurement and Pre-Construction

Once we gain the permits and the site is prepped, we shift our focus to getting the right materials for the metal building project. We order the steel components, roofing, insulation, doors, windows, and everything else needed. Then, when the materials are on site, we move into the pre-construction phase.

During this phase, we  finalize schedules, establish timelines, and ensure that all necessary permits and inspections are in place with subcontractors and suppliers. Also, we lay the groundwork for a seamless execution of the construction process.

Step 4: Construction and Assembly

Now comes the exciting part—construction and assembly. We oversee the entire construction process, managing subcontractors and coordinating their activities. With metal building projects, we often use a prefabricated approach. This approach involves manufacturing the steel components off-site, then assembling them on the project site.

First, we construct the steel framing system, which forms the structural framework of the building. Then, we blot together columns, beams, and roof trusses to create a sturdy structure. Once the framework is in place, we install roofing and wall panels, along with insulation, windows, and doors. Before moving on, we ensure that each step is carried out efficiently and according to the project plan.

Step 5: Interior and Exterior Finishing

With the exterior structure complete, we shift our attention to interior and exterior finishing. We work closely with subcontractors to install electrical and plumbing systems, HVAC systems, lighting fixtures, and any other necessary mechanical elements. Next, we ensure that all systems are installed correctly and meet our client’s specifications.

Depending on the client’s needs, exterior finishing may involve painting or applying protective coatings to the metal surfaces. We also address landscaping and site development so the surroundings of the metal building are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Step 6: Final Inspections and Handover

As we near completion, we conduct final inspections to make certain the metal building project meets all safety and quality standards. Our inspections cover various aspects, including structural integrity, fire safety, electrical systems, and accessibility.

Once all inspections are completed, we then arrange for the final handover to our client. We provide them with all necessary documentation, warranties, and maintenance guidelines. Most importantly, we make sure the client is satisfied with the finished product and address any remaining concerns or requests.


Metal building projects require careful planning, coordination, and expertise. Single Source Systems serves as a guide, bringing our clients’ vision to life. With our knowledge and experience, we navigate the complexities of construction, making the process seamless and efficient.

So, whether you’re looking to construct a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or any other type of metal building, partnering with a reliable general contractor like us makes it a successful and satisfying project. Get ready to witness your metal building project come to life, delivering the durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal you desire!

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