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The installers should take into account the load levels, building codes, and environmental condition when designing the system. Here are some of the services of warehouse pallet rack installers:

  • Selective pallet racks
  • Drive-in pallet racks
  • Structural pallet racks
  • Pushback racks

Selective pallet racks

These are bulk storage racks. They come into two configurations: roll-form and structural bolt together. Selective pallet racks combine vertical upright frames and horizontal load beams for different capacities. Before installation, you should discuss with the rack installers on the layout options you want. You can choose double deep, single deep or back-to-back systems. The main advantages of selective pallet racks include:

  • Provide immediate access to pallets
  • Easy to install
  • Can be useful for a variety of applications
  • Provide high-density storage
  • Use a first-in, first-out system

Drive-in pallet racks

These pallet racks are ideal when you need large storage capacity in your warehouse. The rack design makes loading and retrieval of pallets much simpler. Besides, the pallets can be accessible from either side of the block depending on the available space. Drive-in racking is suitable where efficient use of available space is a priority. You can use them to store seasonal and bulky goods. Make sure the installers are competent enough to utilize the available space.

Structural pallet racks

This type of pallet racking is useful in seismic locations. While they may have the same dimension as the traditional roll-formed pallet rack, the racks have a higher capacity. Structural pallet racks should be assembled by professional installers to meet your needs. And because of their ability to hold higher weights, these racks are the perfect choice for warehouse managers. They are lightweight and can be transported to the job site for installation.

Pushback racks

This is a great option if you’re looking for a high-density storage solution. The pallets are nested on shelf trays that ride along the rails. Just like in drive-through rack, pushback racks are suitable for loading light and heavy-duty goods. Furthermore, the rack system can support multiple-sized rackets of up to 6 feet and are efficient for Last In, First Out system (LIFO). This means that when the front pallet is removed, the next one automatically slides to the next picking position. The main benefit of pushback pallet racks is that very little space is wasted.

Miscellaneous projects

Pallet rack installers can work on fencing, elevators, lockers, and other projects. Warehouse work is hard, so you need help to get materials in place without risks. Whether you need spiral of hydraulic lifts, the rack installers will do the job. A hydraulic lift works best if you want to move heavy stuff above 22 feet. On the other hand, a fence will prevent theft and keep the general public safe.

Updating your warehouse can be a challenge if you don’t have the right pallet rack installers. When establishing the type of system that works best, you should ensure your forklift has the reach capacity to meet the storage configuration. Professional installation available now!

Warehouse pallet rack installers can

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