Red, pre-engineered metal building on concrete with blue skies and clouds in background

Wood and stone were the first building materials. Then, the discovery of steel as a building material opened the door to incredible metal buildings from skyscrapers to residential homes’ simple comforts.

Not only do pre-engineered metal buildings offer a variety of choices for design, they do it in a quick and cost-effective way. Here are 3 money saving reasons why buying a metal building for your next build project is worth your investment.

Money Saving Reason #1: Metal Buildings are Sustainable and Energy Efficient

As a metal building’s future owner, you want to know if using steel is sustainable and energy efficient.

Steel is a building material that can be recycled and reused, avoiding the additional tax on the environment, making metal buildings a sustainable choice.

In terms of how a metal building is energy efficient, the answer is simple. The right color scheme for your metal building helps climate control it. Color affects whether or not an object absorbs or reflects heat.

Your location’s climate will influence your metal building’s color scheme. If it’s cold most of the year, use darker colors to absorb heat. If it’s hot most of the year, use lighter colors to reflect heat.

Selecting the right color scheme for your location’s climate will help reduce your metal building’s costs for heating and cooling.

Money Saving Reason #2: Metal Buildings Have Less Expensive Repair Costs

Whenever you build, you always build with an eye towards the future cost of repairs due to the material being exposed to the elements.

Wood splinters, warps, rots and attracts pests. Concrete cracks. Metal rusts.

However, rust is a preventable issue. You can prevent rust on your metal building with a coating of oil, paint, or a chemical mixture of sodium hydroxide and potassium nitrate. The preventable measure and consistent care to a metal building cost less than replacing wood and concrete.

Money Saving Reason #3: Metal Buildings are a Controllable Cost

Discovering the building cost going up due to the need of extra materials to complete the job is a fear any builder or home owner has.

However, once you’ve purchased a metal building, we at Single Source Systems pre-engineer your building to fit your location. If you want to add onto your metal building, it is easy to do and a cost that you can control.

Metal Buildings Can Be a Huge Money Saver

Building projects are expensive and a necessary expense. But, with the right materials and thinking of its longevity, there are ways you can save on your project. Metal is a reusable resource in constructing metal buildings. Selecting the right color scheme cuts your energy costs for the metal building’s heating and cooling. Rust can be prevented and prolong the need for repairs. Lastly, with the metal building pre-engineered for your location, you control your cost but keep it open for future expansion.

These 3 money saving reasons are why you should consider a pre-engineered metal building for your next project.

If you want to learn more on how a metal buildings save you money, call Single Source Systems at (816) 832-1622. Ask for Shane Willis, and he’ll be able to answer your questions. Or click here to get a quote today!